Kyle Rittenhouse: “Accountability is coming”

Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse is warning those that have smeared his name: “Accountability is coming.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Candace Owens on The Daily Wire show β€˜CANDACEβ€˜, the 19-year-old stated that media organisations were still “getting all this stuff wrong.”

“There is going to be some accountability, Candace, there’s going to be some accountability,” insisted the youngster. “The machine, the media, the Government, the prosecutors, they lied and they tried to put me in prison for life, but they were wrong, and they weren’t able to do that.

“I’m going to use this to better myself as a person because I deserve any rights that anybody else does. I believe that the machine needs to be wrong again and we’re gonna be right.

“Quite a bit of people continued to hammer down on the narrative. A couple of media organisations … I don’t wanna call them media … propagandists! A couple of people like that have been doing a couple of shows like ‘Oh this is injustice’ but they didn’t pay attention to the facts and they’re still getting all this stuff wrong.”

Asked if he was going to pursue those people and organisations and Kyle responded: “Accountability is coming.”

Much more from this interview is available here.

  • For the latest regarding Kyle’s fight, please visit Kyle’s official Accountability Project Twitter account.