Although I’m not American – I’m an English guy living in Spain – I was fully aware of Kyle Rittenhouse and what was known as the Kenosha shootings. I followed what happened to Kyle for over a year and watched his trial from here in Spain in its entirety.

I was aware of the lies that the media and politically-motivated people churned out about Kyle and I was angered about that and what he had to endure. I always believed that Kyle acted in self-defense, but unlike many of his ardent supporters, I am willing to listen to different viewpoints. Can you change my mind?Β 

I am not aligned to any political party or media organisation in the U.S. so I would say that I offer different and unbiased opinion than many of those offered by my American friends.

Although I have 25 years experience of writing about football (soccer!), I have never written about anything like this. I’m no expert and I’m not a professional author by any means, but I just that to get my feelings down on paper about what happened to Kyle and everything before then, starting with the shooting of Jacob Blake. My book will be informal and politically unbiased and written in a style that should make it easy. I will always be honest with my views and I will also be completely transparent with my personal and political views.

It will be the first book I have ever published and I have no expectations. I would be happy if I sold just one copy. I am not writing this book for any commercial reasons, in fact I have spent thousands on this project due to my visits to Kenosha from Spain in 2022 so there’s no way I will make a cent.

While I obviously want to promote my book via this small website, I hope that in time that the information that I add to it, will be of use to someone one day. At the moment my focus is on research and writing. Once the book is finished, I will add more content to this website and then call it a day.

One thing I have learnt from visiting Kenosha is that it is a beautiful place and that the locals are truly welcoming. I visited Kenosha in April and September of 2022 and was blown away by the reception I received.