Kyle Rittenhouse on nightmares, education, Biden & Trump, God and accountability


Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse has been speaking about what’s been happening in life since his trial.

Cleared of all charges against him following that dreadful night in Kenosha back in August 2020, the 19-year-old gave an exclusive interview to Candace Owens on The Daily Wire show ‘CANDACE‘. He spoke about the trial, the media, what he’s been up to and what’s coming next.

“It’s been hard. I’ve definitely had some nightmares waking up at night with cold sweats,” he said. “I didn’t realise how big the case actually was until like a few months later because I wasn’t focused on that. I was just like ‘Why is this happening? I defended myself.’ I was there to help people.

“I noticed all these false media narratives coming out calling me a white supremacist, a vigilante and those just aren’t true. It’s absolutely crazy because this case had nothing to do with race, it had to do with the right to self-defense.

“I didn’t lose any friends over this because they know who I am as a person, they know I’m not a racist person. I just didn’t lose any friends and they continued to support me because they knew the facts and they knew who I was a person, as a human.”

On Joe Biden’s white supremacist slurs, he said: “It’s just completely false. He was wrong.

“A lot of people were like: ‘Oh Kyle would have voted for Joe Biden’ which is wrong. I would never have voted for Joe Biden! I was 17, I couldn’t vote but if I could have, I wouldn’t have voted for Joe Biden. I would have voted for Trump because Trump was right, he supported me from the beginning and he helped tell the truth of what happened.”

After the trial had concluded, Kyle announced his intentions to continue his education at the Arizona State University. That resulted in some students protesting against the news and various threats being made in his direction. Kyle, however, stood his ground and once again defended his rights, this time to an education.

During the interview he revealed that he has once again re-enrolled at Arizona State University, news that will no doubt prompt a few tears from his detractors.

“I’m actually back at Arizona State University,” said Kyle. “I’m taking classes now, taking classes in March starting online. I’m now enrolled for a second time. I had to talk to a couple of people, like directors there.

“I deserve an education. I’m able to get that education and hopefully pursue a career in law.”

Commenting on the judge who presided over his trial while also touching on the prosecution, Kyle said: “I believe Judge Schroeder was very fair. He was the judge I wanted for that trial because I knew that he would give be a fair trial and let the evidence be presented as the evidence and not let the jury be tainted.

“I look at things a little different now. I believe there’s people that need to be held accountable like prosecutors that overreach, I believe they need to be held responsible.

“I believe there needs to be justice on the other side also. Justice was getting a not guilty verdict but that’s not complete. I think other people need to be held accountable for their actions also.”

People who actually follow the truth and not the media’s lies or some Karen on social media, know that Kyle has always wanted the AR-15 back so that it can be destroyed. There have been fresh suggestions recently that Kyle wanted to auction the gun off to the highest bidder. Once again, Kyle clarified why he wants it handing over.

“I want to make sure that the gun is destroyed: I want it destroyed,” he said. “That is why we filed that motion to have it destroyed. It was something that I used to defend myself and it was a very traumatic night and I don’t think it’s something that needs to be celebrated, so I think the best place for it is for it to be destroyed.”

Those that follow Kyle’s freedom are aware of what he’s been up to of late which includes taking some time out to enjoy life a little, away from all the media and political bollocks.

Kyle Rittenhouse

He told Candace: “I’ve started pilot classes so I’m working on becoming a private pilot. I logged my first flight hours and I absolutely love it.

“I’ve been snowboarding a lot. I’ve just been doing stuff that’s fun and living my life.”

Kyle also admitted that his faith in God has strengthened and he sent out even more positive vibes that confirm he’s in a better place just now by saying: “God has been with me from the beginning. My connection with God has grown way stronger. I pray to him every day.

“He’s helped me through so much. He’s helped open the doors and guide me in the right direction. He helped the jury in guiding them in the right direction to make sure justice was done.”

But what next?

“There is going to be some accountability, Candace, there’s going to be some accountability,” insisted the youngster. “The machine, the media, the Government, the prosecutors, they lied and they tried to put me in prison for life, but they were wrong, and they weren’t able to do that.

“I’m going to use this to better myself as a person because I deserve any rights that anybody else does. I believe that the machine needs to be wrong again and we’re gonna be right.

“Accountability is coming.”

  • For the latest regarding Kyle’s fight, please visit Kyle’s official Accountability Project Twitter account.

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