Kyle Rittenhouse interviewed by Candace Owens

Kyle Rittenhouse & Candace Owens

We haven’t heard much from Kyle Rittenhouse recently so his supporters will be delighted to hear that he will surface via The Daily Wire today (January 25th).

Kyle, found not guilty on all charges relating to the Kenosha shootings following his November 2021 trial, will join Candace Owens on ‘CANDACE‘.

Owens is a popular American conservative author, talk show host, political commentator and activist. On her weekly ‘CANDACE’ show, she ‘delves into the political and cultural issues of the day with her signature blend of intelligence and humor’ and her show ‘features celebrity interviews and panel discussions with the world’s most influential thought leaders and cultural mavens.’

When Norfolk Police Lt. Bill Kelly was fired last year for donating $25 (£18.50) to the Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund, Owens helped raise a staggering $250,000 (£186,000) for him and his family. Kelly made the anonymous donation so as to not associate his police department with it. However, he was outed by hackers and the media and he subsequently lost his job.

Bill KellyAt the time Owens said: “Kelly is a 19-year veteran and a father of three. That did not matter.

“He made the contribution anonymously so as not to draw attention or association to the police force. That also did not matter.

“Since his dismissal, William “Bill” Kelly has been surviving on his savings and his wife’s teacher salary.

“All police officers have a right to privately support issues and causes they care about in their off-duty time.

“In this particular circumstance, Lt. Kelly was supporting the truth.

“Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent. So is Lieutenant Kelly.”

Owens was hugely supportive of Kyle both before and after the trial. She often took to Twitter, where she has close to 3 million followers, to express her support for the youngster.

During this latest interview, Kyle shared who he was before troubled flared in Kenosha, how his world has dramatically changed and what he’s up to next. This website will bring you the best bits from the interview which airs at 9pm ET. However, for more information, please visit the official ‘CANDACE‘ webpage.

If you support Kyle and want to help him bring the media to account for the lies that they spread about him, please share this article via your social media channels using the appropriate buttons below. It is important that as many people as possible are kept up to date with Kyle’s fight. I would also recommend that you visit the FreeKyleUSA website and follow their Accountability Project Twitter account for official updates.

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