Another successful Kenosha trip

Kenosha Sheriff Courthouse

This website was put together to explain why I wanted to write about the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse and to provide a way that people could reach out to me. Basically I wanted an internet presence and I hoped that one day in the future that this website may be a helpful resource of information for people who wanted to learn about the trial. It was never my intention to provide frequent updates, but it’s been a while so I thought I’d best touch base!

The reality of the situation is that I’ve just been so busy with my real work, you know, the stuff that actually pays the bills (just!), but I can assure you I’m still working on this! In fact, in September 2022 I returned to Kenosha for a 2nd visit, this time for a month and not just a week like earlier in the year. I picked up a lot more information, some of which will shock you, and I made a lot more friends.

Joshua Ziminski was in court while I was in town so I got to sit on his hearing and I also spent some time with Koerri Elijah (AKS Koerri Washington) who gave testimony at the Rittenhouse trial. I also met local activist Porche Bennett-Bey. These were fabulous conversations and they were very insightful.

Kyle Rittenhouse BookBefore leaving Kenosha for my flight back to Madrid, I had a very long call with David Hancock who was Kyle’s family spokesperson and advisor at the time.

Another witness from the trial, Nathan DeBruin, has become a good friend of mine. We met the first time I visited so I obviously had to share a beer with him again! I also met up with Kevin Mathewson of Kenosha County Eye again. He’s proven to be a very knowledgeable person in the area when it comes to legal and political matters.

Throw in the Judge Bruce Schroeder that presided over the trial, a few attorneys, some other interesting characters and the odd chat here and there with other witnesses including Dominick Black, the man that bought the gun that Kyle was armed with when the shit hit the fan in Kenosha back in August 2020, and I think it’s fair to say that I’ve managed to get very close to things. So close in fact that I was approached to see if I’d be willing to be interviewed for a documentary that was being worked on by a BAFTA, EMMY and Grierson award winner. When he realised the amount of information and access I had received he asked me if I’d be willing to co-produce the documentary with him instead, subject to funding being there. More on that later.

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