Kenosha Trip Booked!

Kenosha Courthouse

I have read, seen and heard a lot about Kenosha, but as I’m thousands of miles away, I have obviously never been. I have visited the United States many times, mainly to New York. My best friend lives in Syracuse, NY and prior to the pandemic I would always try to get over to see him. I have visited and stayed in places such as Boston, New Orleans and Dallas and I even got married in Las Vegas back in 2013, but I have never been to Wisconsin … until now, health and pandemic restrictions permitting!

I feel it would be beneficial for me to visit Kenosha. There are certain places that I want to visit and I hope to speak to some of the locals too.

Car SourceFor me, it’sΒ  a validity kind of thing. I don’t need anyone’s validation, it’s just a personal thing, I’m seeking my own validation: I didn’t just write about something across the pond, I went to the exact spot.

I will be flying from Madrid, Spain to Chicago and I will be staying in the U.S. for 2 weeks. I’m excited about visiting Chicago, but my focus is going to be on Kenosha.

If you live Chicago or Kenosha and you’d like me to meet up for a beer or a coffee from April 21st, don’t hesitate to drop me an email and we can try and make it happen. I’d love to hear your views and maybe your experiences about the Kenosha unrest, the subsequent shootings and of course, Kyle too. I don’t care what side of the fence you are on, it would be a pleasure to meet up and to have a natter.

I will probably vlog my journey so if you think it might interest you, you can sub to my YouTube channel at:

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