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The Kyle Rittenhouse Book website will post news and comment about Kyle Rittenhouse now that the Kenosha shootings trial has concluded. Found not guilty of all charges, Kyle is currently taking time to set a few things right by telling his story to the media through a number of exclusive interviews. I suspect that once things settle down a bit, that Kyle will focus on himself and try and begin a new life away from all the drama and stress that he has had to endure for more than a year.

As well as posting news about Kyle Rittenhouse, I will be providing updates about my forthcoming book about the Kenosha shootings and Kyle’s subsequent trial. I followed Kyle’s case for more than a year. I was convinced that Kyle shot Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum and Gaige Grosskreutz in self-defense. He feared for his life and had he not defended himself, I’m fairly certain that he wouldn’t be alive today, but will my opinion change?

I’m not an expert on law and I’m not a professional author. This is the first time that I have ever written a book like this. I have no expectations at all: if I sell a couple of copies, I’ll be delighted! I’m certainly not writing this book to make money.

As a British guy living Spain, I have no affiliations with any political party in the U.S. or any U.S. media outlet. I feel that this will give a different angle on things. I’ll be transparent with my own views from the off and as well as writing about Kyle, I will also touch on U.S. politics and what I believe is a heavily biased and dangerous media in the U.S.

The Kyle Rittenhouse Book website is in its infancy. I only published it today so there’s not a lot to see at the moment, but over the coming weeks, I will be adding content that you may find of interest. Until then, I would really appreciate if if you could give my social media accounts a follow:

Kyle Rittenhouse Book on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You can also follow my personal accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I don’t support people or causes blindly. At the end of the book, I may have different opinions about all of the people involved in the case.

I hope you enjoy my book when it’s published. If you would like to contribute some opinions or information even if you disagree with the outcome of Kyle’s trial, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email: duncan @ kylerittenhousebook .com

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