Man threatens to kill students “in the name of Kyle Rittenhouse”

Mitchell Lovelace

A man from Missouri has been charged after allegedly threatening to perform a high school shooting “in the name of Kyle Rittenhouse”.

Mitchell Lovelace of Festus has been charged with making a terrorist threat after a report was made to police about a series of posts on social media last weekend. The 27-year-old is being held without bond in the Jefferson County jail.

It is reported that Lovelace threatened to shoot a number of students at Festus High School. Festus police said in a news release that Lovelace wrote: “I’m going to shoot Festus high school students in the name of Kyle rittenhouse.”

Another post read: “No wonder why schools get shot, the news just proved we can get away with it especially if it’s a (expletive) like Festus,” charging documents said.

It is claimed that Lovelace has previously posted about committing violence toward police and killing a former president. Additional reporting states that he has previously threatened to kill his parents for fun and had also threatened to take his own life on at least one occasion.

Prosecutors stated that Lovelace has a mental illness and is prescribed psychiatric medications.

A bond review was scheduled for 15th December while Festus police stated that school resource officers were on “heightened patrol on the district campuses” and that staff and parents had been notified about the threat.

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