Kyle Rittenhouse bodyguard: Kyle is not a racist

Kyle Rittenhouse Security

T.C. Willis, the personal bodyguard of Kyle Rittenhouse, has spoken out to insist that his client is not a racist.

Willis, who was in Court during every day of the trial and can be seen directly behind Kyle when the jury verdicts were dramatically read out, has been protecting Kyle and his family for months. Although Willis is someone who prefers not to be in the media spotlight, he admits that he has been thrown into the spotlight due to the media coverage surrounding the trial and his client.Β  Subsequently, Willis wants to use this opportunity to give a different narrative to what the media has been trying to tell the world about Kyle.

“I just basically wanted to speak to the minority community or somebody that feels like if this kid was of any other ethnicity, the outcome would have been different,” explained Willis, who was speaking to the Carry Trainer Higher Line podcast (the full episode is in the video embedded below).

Asked by host Mickey Schuch if Kyle and his family were racists, Willis responded: “No … the thing with Kyle, the narrative was shaped so early by the media … I think think that whoever breaks the story first, that’s all that matters [to them], it’s not who’s right … you put out a narrative but the general public doesn’t care because that’s what’s been out there for the past year and a half about this kid is that he’s a racist because that was the story that broke first and unfortunately you just can’t get people to get off of that, they can’t change their mind because for a year that was the narrative.”

He added: “There’s some people that you just don’t deal with because of a vibe, my vibe being around him and his family … [he’s] not even close to that, [being a] racist … out the door right, way out the door.”

In response to media suggestions that Kyle had been an active shooter, Willis, who is an executive protection agent with the KaJor Group, said: “When was the last time you saw an active shooter running away from the crowd? I’ll wait! I’ve got all day!”

Willis says a lot of interesting things in the interview about Kyle, his family and the media. I would highly recommend that you watch it if you can find the time.

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